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What is a design build firm?

Why design Build is better (in our humble opinion)

The typical model for home builds and renovations is to hire an architect or design firm to come up with the new layout/design, typically without a strong regard for the cost to build it (as they are not responsible for this part of it). After paying for the design, clients then would need to request many quotes to build it, often finding out that the design is way over their budget or that the builder, who said they could build it, had totally lowered the cost to get the job, and came in way higher in the end. Sound like any stories friends have shared about their experiences? 

A true (there are many who use the name but aren't actually) design & build firm is responsible for both the design and the build and works together to develop a design that is in keeping with the client's tastes and budget, right from the beginning.  

Design build, also makes the entire construction process, a lot faster, cost effective and less stressful. Typically, when two firms are working together, there often arises conflict, mis-communication, and a lot of stress on the client to manage the two separate entities. Whereas, with an integrated firm, we are used to working together, have seamless processes and systems where all parties see any changes, and we are working out any build vs design issues behind the scenes and coming to the client with a cohesive solution(s). In the end, our clients are able to come to ONE firm and get everything they require to create beautifully designed, tastefully decorated and thoughtfully built homes, with a lot less stress and wasteful costs. See the full list of our services below. 

Design Build Services We Provide


  • Interior and exterior space planning

  • New floor plans, layouts & designs concepts

  • CAD Renderings (2D and 3D)

  • Electrical plans, ceiling plans, millwork elevations

  • Architecture & structural design

  • Permit submission

  • Interior finish sourcing and specifications 

  • Interior furniture sourcing and specifications

  • Procurement of appliances

  • Exterior finish sourcing and specifications 

  • Strategy for costs and budget considerations


  • New build construction

  • Complete home renovation

  • Additions

  • Custom millwork

  • Full project management

  • Collaboration with our team of architects and engineers

  • Point of contact with our contractor, trades and suppliers

  • Contract submission

  • Permit submission

  • Building material sourcing

  • Furniture & finishes sourcing


  • Personal shopping and styling customized for your space

  • Individual room layout design 

  • Custom wallpaper, drapery and fabrics

  • Furniture selection with delivery and assembly

  • Lighting, artwork, window treatments, rugs, pillows, plants, murals, wallpaper

  • Kitchen supplies; place settings, serving dishes, cutlery, linens glassware, stemware

  • Bedroom linens, pillows, window coverings, kids’ workspace, storage solutions

  • Styling of bookshelves, closets, home gyms and home offices

  • Powder room luxuries; towels, soaps, grooming products

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