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Why Choose a Design & Build Firm?

AC Interiors & Design is fully integrated which allows us to have a team of dedicated designers, contractors, architects, and trades all under one roof. This will allow for the entire renovation to remain seamless. The design & build model is highly effective as it offers more accurate estimates, team efficiency, strict budget tracking, transparency across all departments, clear communication, flexibility, accountability and promotes constant communication between all team members. This post will help you understand all the benefits of our process.

What is a Design & Build Firm?

A design & build firm is a business that handles all aspects of the renovation process. From the first meeting, you’ll be speaking with a skilled interior designer and building contractor. We will do an on-site walk-through with you, create a detailed and accurate budget estimate, provide the design concepts, take care of the permitting, purchasing, complete the construction, and arrange for the furniture & décor installation. This means everything about your project will run as efficiently as possible. We manage all communication from the designer and contractor directly to you with progress meeting throughout the entire project. We pride ourselves on being 100% transparent and accountable.

How Will a Design & Build Firm Help the Project Move More Quickly?

In addition to having the accurate estimate from both the design side and construction side ready more quickly, we will also make the process move along efficiently and seamlessly. This is because our plans are comprehensive and detailed. This allows us to know your project very well from the start. By understanding your design and material selections before the construction process begins, we can create an extremely accurate contractor agreement that will avoid any major surprises. When we begin the building phase, we will already have the purchase schedule approved by all parties and will get the items ordered and delivered on time to hit the project timelines with no delays.

What If Something Unexpected Happens?

As we all know, some things in life are out of our control and can cause delays, like say, Covid-19! We have extensive experience in both the design and build sectors of the industry and have become experts at being responsive, flexible, and adaptable. We will always keep you up to date on all aspects of the project and will trouble shoot to find the best work around solution to get the project finished on time without sacrificing quality.

Why Is our Design Process Unique?

After the Design Agreement is signed, your designer will begin working on your design boards after discussing your design style and needs, looking through the detailed questionnaires you have filled out, take detailed measurements of the home and scrolling through your inspiration pictures. After all that information is compiled the design team can then put together the presentation that will include, layout options, hard and soft finishes options and samples.

Once the design boards are completed, it will be presented to you to review the pros and cons of each layout design option to help you make a more informed decision. The designer will ensure every aspect of the concept will work together and share these plans with the contractor to ensure everyone is on the same page to bring your vision to life. You will have final approval on all designs. The designer will be available throughout the entire construction process should you have any questions for them.

Why Is a Design & Build Firm Better with Communication?

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a design & build firm is the easy and constant communication. Because everything is in-house, there aren’t missed calls between the designer and the project manager, or the contractor, or the cabinet installers. We have weekly meetings to review the upcoming schedule and our project manager will provide you with the most up to date information. You will be able to connect with us at any time during our business hours to answers any questions or concerns.

What Is the Build Part of the Process Like?

Should you decide to move forward with our build services after the design phase is complete, we will begin a detailed pricing process. We meet with our contractor to gather cost estimates for your project. We will create and present a Construction Agreement that includes a detailed scope of work, timeline, and price estimate. Then we can finalize a start date and timeline after you pay the deposit.

Before we begin construction, all your design choices will be made and your budget will be set. By the time we start construction, mostly everything has already been ordered to ensure your job completion date is achieved.

We guarantee all our work to the highest quality of craftsmanship Your last payment is not due until after we’ve done a final walk-through and you’re sure you’re happy with every aspect of the renovation.

How Will a Design & Build Firm Help Me Stick to My Budget?

Many times, clients will hire an architect to design their dream plan. But when it comes time for renovation, the budget comes in at much more than the homeowners had planned. With a design & build firm, you will have an accurate and transparent estimate that’s tailored to your budget very early on in the process.

Because we’ll be working with you from the beginning, we will be designing with your budget in mind from the start. We will be able to stick to the estimate we provide. Designing and building will work hand in hand under one roof, so there are no surprises to the budget.

We hope that was helpful to better understand the benefits of hiring a design & build firm. If you’d like to get started, please head over to our website to

meet our team and learn more about all of our services. We look forward to hearing from you!

AC Team

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