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The biggest trend we saw in Spain for 2023

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

I’m not going to lie, it felt a bit weird to be dusting off my passport, after a few years of feeling VERY “housebound”. The multiple lockdowns we’ve experienced as a country throughout the COVID pandemic, forced me to place travel plans on the shelf and find inspiration locally. However, this summer, I found myself remembering the year I spent living in Japan or traveling in Europe or butchering languages far and wide (hey, I tried). So when Cosentino, a great counter top company you must look up if you don’t know of them yet, invited us to tour their new lines and facility, I was all in.

Did I return inspired? Absolutely, and here is my TOP trend, I foresee coming to the North American Market soon.


Unlike many North American neutral palettes, Spain’s architecture and designers (contemporary and historical) are not afraid to use colour and I loved how they would pair many jewel tones together to create a luxe and vibrant look.

Park Guell, Gaudi's residential dream in Barcelona, resembled Alice & Wonderland. We loved how he used broken old tiles from city renovations in his mosaics that were not only sustainable but stunning works of art.

Imagine a stunning vase in broken mosaic or a powder room floor tile with a mixture of colours.... we're designing them in our heads now!

We also saw the same design cues in his Casa Batlló and loved how he played with tile on the roof top courtyard.

It was so inspiring a glass of cava was required to pause & appreciate . Naturally.

However, tile wasn't the old colour were were drawn to in Barcelona. Within Sagrada Familia (another Gaudi Master Piece that is a must see), we were inspired by his use of stained glass and the greatest light source, the Sun. In the AM the sun shines through the warmer colours and in the PM it shines through the other side, which was done in blues, greens and purples.

Imagine this use in a restaurant? Where the natural light would serve as the art?

As designers, it’s important to see new things, go new places, and try new products.

These places and things inform you, and these experiences can catapult you into a new realm of possibilities.

For those that follow us, you know we love our herringbone tile. Yet, walking through Seville's Real Alcazar, took it to a whole new level, mixing tile on the wall, baseboards and floor. Sometimes history is just as inspiring as new innovation.

All this to say, we are back refreshed, inspired and can't wait to add in colour in new and creative ways.

Aidan Cusson

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