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Taking Your Christmas Tree from OK to Holy WOW!

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

It's that weekend...we are about to hit December and now most of you give yourself permission to start your Christmas Decor! (Note: I have totally had mine up since be beginning of November... so no judgement to those of you who have been enjoying a little Christmas joy for awhile now).

Taking Your Christmas Tree from OK to Holy WOW

So you're ready to put up the tree... but maybe you don't know where to start or you've done this so many years in a row and are never totally happy with it. Well, we have got your back! Or your tree. Or whatever.

Step One: Own that you're not totally happy. It's ok... we won't tell anyone. One of our clients reached out and asked us to HELP.

Here is her tree below. Pretty right? Lovely colour scheme and some great elements. Buttttt.......aren't you curious to know how we transformed it?

Taking Your Christmas Tree from OK to Holy WOW

Here is our quick tutorial video below of how we transformed this "ok tree" to "HOLY WOW LOOK AT YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE!?!"

So now it's your turn! Your tree deserves it ;).

 Christmas Tree Before & After
Before & After


But before we send you out to the big scary world of Christmas are some other shots of how we tied in this colour scheme throughout the home to pull it all together!

So there you have it! You can do this... post your final creation or before and after pics below!

Happy Decorating---


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