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Project: Upper Maddison

This Downtown Toronto condo had its fair share of setbacks that go hand-in-hand with any condo construction/renovations, and yet, was finished on time thanks to our amazing team! This was also Sam's first major management of a renovation & design project with us and we think she did a FANTASTIC job!

Our brief from the client was two-fold: 1) Update the space out of the 1970's and 2) Open it up to make entertaining more fluid in the space.

Luckily, fixing things like this is our strong suit. It was important to our client to have space to entertain both, in front of the TV and in the kitchen. For the living room entertainment space, we chose a HUGE coffee table as a board game space and placed built ins on each side of the TV to hide storage/games. For the kitchen, we made the island the centre of all the action and were able to open this space up, while working around a huge water stack the condo would not let us move (hmph.... but now we love it more than a fully open space).

As an extra space for hosting friends and family, we added the cutest little breakfast nook right over by the kitchen window; so our client’s guests can enjoy breakfast with a view.

You may notice that we left a generous amount of empty space in this Toronto condo. You may think it's the last thing we should've done, due to the limited square footage, but don't be so quick to draw conclusions. Condo renos are not about using up as much space as possible, to be able to "fit" everything in. On the contrary, they're about meticulously planning out which areas are going to be 'full' and which will stay 'empty', to give you space to walk around and breathe, without tripping over furniture.

Moving on to the master bedroom, when we found this bed frame (Crate & Barrel), we knew it would be the perfect anchor piece for the space. You always need one focal point for a room, and the bed was it. The rest of the additions have other tasks, but not one of them can compete for the focus this bed frame holds. This is why it's such a peaceful space. Pro tip: if your room is feeling chaotic, even though it's clean, it could be that there are too many items competing for attention.

As you can tell, the whole Upper Madison condo is very bright, cheerful and airy. We wanted to give it a little bit of contrast, so we settled on a moody powder room design, to create interest.

This room took on a more masculine and dramatic tone, compared to the rest of the space, and that was the point. When faced with open concept spaces, where the rooms need to work seamlessly, you can go for a bolder look and design in the closed-off areas, like powder rooms and bathrooms, to add complexity and interest!

Watch the video below to learn more about this exciting project:

We would just like to take the time to thank you for your support and wish you, your family, and your friends a happy fall!

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