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Project Folkway & Center Floor-plan Homes

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

In today's post we will be focusing on an exciting and recent project of ours: Project Folkway, in Oakville, Ontario.

For those of you that have a centre floor plan home and a cramped, (possibly outdated?) kitchen, you're going to love the direction we went with this build.


When we first met with the client and saw the space in person, it was very obvious this space wasn’t serving them the way they’d like it to. It was a large home but the kitchen was squished into the back of the house and there were two large "living rooms" that were not being fully utilized. Well, after talking with the client and doing our first pass at the space plan, we decided to flip the family room and the kitchen, so they could have a kitchen that could actually fit all their wants and needs.

You’d be surprised, but this stunning kitchen almost didn't happen because we had to overcome a really large hurdle. I mean, it may not seem like a large hurdle, but it was to the client. The (new kitchen) space was originally a living room, with a beautiful fireplace and old built-ins. This was a space full of memories and many Christmas celebrations over the years.

As you can probably understand, homes come with memories and attachments and those can be really scary and difficult to break. That's why we did a 3D rendering to really help her see, not only was this going to give her the stunning kitchen that she was looking for, but it would allow for all of the functional elements she wanted, but didn't think were possible.

We were able to make space for a massive run of cabinetry, fit in a huge island for her friends and family to gather around, and we were even able to include all her dream appliances (yes that's right).

We put in a large 36-inch guest range--every young, tired mom's dream, a built-in Miele coffee maker and a huge sink in the island, where she can watch her kids play outside.

Once the clients fell in love with their new kitchen layout, we thought, why stop there? You might not know it or believe it, but this bar was actually a closet that faced into the hallway

This closet became redundant once we added more storage to the front entry, so we switched things up. The new bar quickly became one of our favourite added elements and it became this beautiful entertaining hub between the living room and the kitchen, really unifying the space.

We were not only able to give this client such a beautiful large updated space, but we also helped her find a new spot for her Christmas tree. Now she can begin creating new memories, knowing that the home is always going to be a place that is both functional and emotional.


Want to learn some floor plan tips to avoid any unnecessary mistakes?

  1. Don’t assume every floor plan will fit your lifestyle

  2. When touring a model home, look past the upgrades

  3. You’re not crazy for not understanding a floor plan

  4. Imagine your space full, when designing your home

  5. Keep the little ones and their safety in mind

  6. Ensure architectural features maintenance won’t cost you more in the years to come

  7. Location is key, you can always re-design a room, but the location itself is often times stuck (ensure the exteriors of a space match your enjoyment of the interior)

Do you have a centre floor plan house you're struggling to re-design or are your looking for an Interior design & build firm in the Oakville and Burlington area? If so, don’t hesitate to reach out today!

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