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Meet our new Wonder Woman

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Many of you that follow us on social media now know that I expanded my team and that, Lindsay Thornton, and I are a match made in design heaven.

I am so thankful for someone who laughs at my impromptu infomercials (while waiting for our photographer) but doesn't let me post. I'm so thankful for her years of experience in running a business, project management and client satisfaction.

Lindsay Thornton Just proving, design can be fun :)
I needed someone to keep me in line

But don't take it from me.... here is a little intro video! Meet Lindsay- or a I call her, BooBooButt. I know ...I am so professional.

Leave her a comment of welcome below & please reach out to us at anytime for an initial consultation to see how we can best serve you & your home.

<>< Aidan

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