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Last Minute Holiday (Easy) Tips for our PROCRASTINATORS

Let's face it; there are 2 types of people in this world. The people who have their homes fully decorated and radiating holiday spirit a few days after Halloween, and then the person who just checked their calendar and realized Christmas is right around the corner and the decorations haven't even been dug out yet.

But don't worry, we've all been there and because of that we have some tips to make decorating even easier this year! Along with some of our holiday memories to brighten your spirits.


9 Tips To Keep Decorating Easy This Year

  1. Pick one theme and stick to it. If you don't know a theme, pick two colours that go well together and run with that. Check out our IG for some inspo.

  2. A wreath using natural elements will add significant curb appeal to your home and you can easily buy one at the grocery store. Some hot deals right now: Classic From Canadian Tire . Winter Sleigh Wreath From Canadian Tire , Snowy Wreath From Loblaws , Pampas Grass Wreath from Indigo , Woodland Pre Light Wreath from Pottery Barn .

  3. Mix your textures! (think glitter, matte and glossy ornaments). 100% glitter and you will have a head ache or feel like you woke up in Vegas.

  4. Keep it cozy. If strapped for time, buy a faux fur throw and a scented candle. We LOVE this collection from Pottery Barn or this Canadian Company, Kanatablanket!

  5. Stay authentically you and mix in those personal ornaments and decorations

  6. Incorporate nature. Honestly, get some pine cones and put them on a tray with a candle. Voila. Winter, cosy and a theme all in one. Just add some pinecones to your tree and you are almost a pro ;).

  7. Make use of all your spaces ( 2 tips on this later on )

  8. Start baking and fill your home with sweets! Or buy some and get a candle that smells like cookies. Check these ones out. I mean really... who wouldn't want to smell SNICKERDODDLE all day long!?

  9. And don't forget a flocked pre light tree without ANY decorations can be very pretty and super easy to set up. We highly recommend this to any of our clients who are in the midst of their reno or have just moved and can't even find their tooth brushes, let alone their Christms bin. Our faveourite ones are here (a short drive north of Toronto but well worth it) and here for those of you in tighter spaces.


Making Use Of The Spaces You Have

It's never easy when you look around after decorating all day and there's obvious surfaces and obstacles that are in the way of that cohesive holiday feel.

So, after discussing with our team we decided the 2 most awkward spaces to keep festive would be..... that one counter that's slightly out of the way and the dogs cage! But don't worry, we've come up with some solutions.

A Coco Bar:

A coco bar is an easy and fun way to fill up some space without creating any clutter! Design the container and layout to fit your theme, add in some fun colors ( Ahem---Baileys ) and you'll have a decoration that looks phenomenal and tastes even better!

The Dogs Cage:

For far too long we've let the dog's cage be a consistent eyesore, but not any more! Add a wreath, festive blankets, and a basket on top to help tie your little friends home into your design theme.

And because you asked ..... well maybe you didn't but here's our furry friends that wanted a festive home this year!

And finally...... "AC Team! I don't have a fireplace so what do I do with my stockings?"

Don't worry even if you don't have a fireplace to hang your stockings there's always another option! Whether it be on the stairs railing intertwined with some nature elements and ornaments, or even hung on the back of your bar stools (pictured below) there will always be a place for stockings in any decorating theme!


We hope this post will help make decorating easier for you this year! Do you know anyone interested in renovating or remodelling their home in the Oakville / Toronto area? If so don't hesitate to reach out anytime.

Need a good Hot Coco Idea for your new Coco bar? Click the button below:

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