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It's Fall Decorating Y'all!

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

It's no surprise that many of you love that Modern Farmhouse look.

We can thank Chip & Joanna Gaines.

We can thank the fact that it's made old houses cool again.

We can thank hashtags that have made the look so popular. #modernfarmhouse #mordernfarmhousedecor #modernfarmhouseobsessed (you get the picture).

And yet, another reason to love the Modern Farmhouse vibe, is that it seems to work so well with Fall decorating. All of those rustic, cosy textures, just make you want to curl up with a book and a latte and hide from the cooler weather.

However, did you know there are a TON of ways to make your own home ready for Fall by taking your own variation on Modern Farmhouse? We have designed a few different boards to show you how you can take a more traditional approach, transitional approach or modern. Fall decor should work with the style of your exisiting home, so check out one of these boards to see if you can incorporate it into you own home.

And when in doubt..... buy a fall scented candle.... it screams FALL and took all of 2 seconds.

Look #1: The Traditional Modern Farmhouse-- using orange.

AC Interiors Design - It's Fall Decorating Y'all!

Orange comes in various shades vs the standard "pumpkin" orange. The rusted orange is such a beautiful colour and works well the a very neutral pallet.


AC Interiors Design - It's Fall Decorating Y'all!

This is perect for those of you who can't.... won't.... EVER... use Orange ;). You can still get a fall vibe out of a more formal home using pumpkins and gourds in moss green/white. Hydrangeas also work well in the fall and can be placed in chinoiserie for a more formal look.

Look #3-- Modern Minimalist Farmhouse

AC Interiors Design - It's Fall Decorating Y'all!

For those of you who are either: 1) minimalists to their core and can't possibly conceive of having a bin(s) of fall decor stored year round OR 2) are so burnt out from covid that you want to put very little effort in.

Basically, YOUR fall decor can be acheived through a few netural plants/wreaths and changing out a few pillows for a ticking stripe/linen fabric, which screams relaxed and cosy... the things we all long for in the Fall Season.

Look #4- Purist Modern Farmhouse

AC Interiors Design - It's Fall Decorating Y'all!

This look is for those of you who actually have a modern farmhouse and get mad at others for tampering with this stunning look ;).

Black, white, and lots of texture bring this together. White pumpkins and mums are a great addition that work both inside and outside the home. Adding in a ticking stripe or buffalow check pillow add in a more relaxed vibe and who doesn't want to cosy up to a flannel pillow?

All this needs in a pumpkin spiced latte...

Last Look-- My House.

My (Aidan) home is a mix of Spanish Colonial, meets modern farmhouse. I know you purists are dying.... but it works.... and more importantly..... I LOVE IT.

AC Interiors Design - It's Fall Decorating Y'all!

I used a lot of wheat, spanish moss and white pumpkimds to change up my living room from summer to fall. For my tutorial on how to make the topiaries on the mantel, check out my tutorial below!

Would love to hear what style you gravitate towards most! Post 1-5 below!

Happy Fall Y'all!

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