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How to Decorate with Neutrals this Holiday Season

Decorating with neutrals to create a minimal and natural aesthetic can be difficult for the

“MORE IS MORE” Christmas decorator! I personally love grand style which begs the question, can you decorate with neutrals in a grand way? The quick answer is YES!!!!!

When creating a minimal, organic look, the elements which take center stage are texture, a

neutral color pallet and natural looking greenery.

Texture: Weather you like grand design, or a subtle cottage farmhouse look, approaching your minimal natural aesthetic with texture is key. You can find texture in materials, decorations, art and so on. Blankets with big knots, pillows and stockings with a visible weave and Christmas ornaments made of wool or plaster are a few examples of ways to add texture to your Christmas decorating. These textured pieces up the “cozy” anti and harken back to a time when Christmas ornaments were made of natural resources. If you like grand design, opt for satin bows and velvet stockings. For a casual look, opt for knit oversized stockings and burlap.

Neutral Color Palette: A lot of people think that neutral color pallets are beige on beige, on

some more beige and sometimes white. This is far from the truth. Warmer tones in a minimal aesthetic is key in creating a natural vibe, but what about punctuating your pallet with other neutrals such as black, green or an “orange red.” These colors don’t have to be used in access but can be used to keep all the neutrals from falling apart visually. It gives the eye opportunities to land. This is not to be confused with the use of color to create drama. This use of neutral colour helps proverbially string the beads together. For neutral grandeur (yes, I just used those two words together), a rich forest green or a black with a purple undertone would be beautiful against your weight or beige pallet. For a casual look, consider a historic pattern like plaid or gingham as an accent.

Greenery: Ah, finally we can talk about the pièce de resistance in natural, neutral Christmas decorating; GREENERY!!! The greenery in your approach to this type of decorating is uber important! It must look real and be good quality if you are opting for artificial. There are a bunch of artificial stems and trees marketed with the title “real touch” and if you read my blog post on how to choose the perfect Christmas tree, PE trees are your friend! PE trees (contrary to their PVC counterparts) are more expensive because they look real, which is necessary in this approach to decorating. Greenery, while being the star of the show, also aids in this look by creating tons of texture. In fact, mixing greenery is even better!!! Not only are there varying shades of green you can play with, but those shades and textures create depth and dimension. Juniper berry sprigs, eucalyptus or pinecones are just a few types of greenery you can use in your tree and garland! Greenery IS the “natural” in the natural aesthetic! The greenery IS the show piece. The textured items and natural palette dress the main event! Let your greenery shine!!!! For a more formal approach, create thick and full garland on mantels by combining Juniper berries, cedar, and boxwood. For a more undone look, drape Norfolk pine and some wooden beads over a mantel.

Creating a neutral, natural aesthetic this Christmas time is a great backdrop for all your

upcoming festivities. The texture, neutral pallet and natural looking sprigs can evoke a sensory experience for you and your guests to enjoy. Weather or not you prefer a casual look, or formal grandeur, combining these elements with make you feel cozy. I can almost smell the log fire and Christmas tree just talking about it! Happy decorating everyone. Excuse me while I grab some tea and a plate of cookies!


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