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Five Easy Ways To Up Your Tree Game

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

It's coming to the end of another long year (around here, we try not to even mention the C word!!!) and we are finding it's making so many of you want to decorate earlier for the holidays that you typically would. True? We're seeing Christmas decor fly off the shelves and a desire to make the home a happy and cosy place. Well.... we're right there with you and want to give you 5 easy ways to up your tree game this year.



Spruce things up this year and play with different sizes of decorations on your tree.

For instance, mixing big scale ornaments, with medium size ornaments and small ornaments creates a visually pleasing layered design. This way, there is visual interest, and nothing is competing. So keep an eye out when shopping around for multiple sizes!


Make sure there are repeating elements throughout the tree, because like anything else patterns are pleasing. This could be the ornaments shape, size, texture and particularly its colour. When you're out buying decorations, shopping online, or making them yourselves, make sure you have at least 9 to 12 of the same ornament (depending on the size of your tree) to create an even pattern tree wide. When in doubt, by one more box!


Just like repeating elements on the tree, remember to have repeating elements throughout the space your tree is in. Even though that train set or nutcracker seems cute, it may not always fit the design scheme and may be the piece that makes or breaks the look as a whole. For example, if you have Red on the tree, make sure you have red in places throughout the space as well. This will help visually tie a room together. As you can see in this living room's holiday decoration design, there are a few elements with red highlights to tie into the ornaments on the tree. See below for some examples:


Every Christmas tree, even with subtle or neutral color schemes needs drama. (See.... even your 4 year old or teens can do THIS!)

The most obvious way to add drama is through color; however, you can also create drama using over scaled size, shine or sparkle. As you can see on the tree used in this living space, we focused more on the neutral tones but added large (and SPARKLE-YYYY --hi my 4 year olds) deer around the tree to add some interest. Remember, not everything on the tree needs to be an "ornament" but signs, statues and flowers can work well too.


Mixing finishes on a tree gives the tree visual interest. E.g. If you use balls that are glossy, use ones in the same color/theme that are matte or full of sparkles too. Like anything else, repetition can become boring, so we always recommended mixing it up and focusing on those small details that can really transform a space.

Last Minute Decorating Tip:

  1. A cozy throw, Christmas lights and a few candles is a quick way to add some holiday cheer.

  2. There are so many affordable “off the shelf” Christmas related décor accessories such as snow globes, figurines, table centerpieces and miniature Christmas houses that make decorating easy. ( So go off and raid your local Michaels but USE RESTRAINT )


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Thank you for taking the time to read our newest post!

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