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Do Designers Ever Use Ikea?

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Many people ask me questions related to design. However, the funniest is when they look around, lean close and whisper..... "BUT do you EVER use Ikea"? (IKEA!?!?!?!? gasp)

It's like it's a mark of shame or a guilty secret that they are just begging me to affirm. And the short answer is--- YES! There are definitely times when I will steer a client away from it for longevity, or the ability to customize, or for a unique factor but there are MANY times that Ikea just fits the bill (literally and metaphorically).

So, if you're longing to do a little update to either freshen up your home, get it ready to sell in the Spring or simply because you're bored of staying inside this winter.... here is how I used ONLY IKEA to create a great dining room!

And before you ask if I took out a hundred nails and added a ton of things... NO! Some people think they have to always “hack” Ikea. But this post is all about showing you how to simply design with Ikea! And the best part? (leans in... looks around... whispers.... 'It won’t even look like “Ikea” when you’re done designing with it!')

Ok- so how did I come up with the below and why does it work? Glad you asked...

Designers Ever Use Ikea -  AC Interiors Design

My goal was to add a little spring into a dining room and keep the pallet very airy and organic. The curtains are neutral and flow-y (yes, this is a word to me) and pair so well with the Jute type rug.

The lines and material of the table keeps the room feeling light and natural as it is not chunky or dark. But, before you think you can just throw a bunch of wood and white in a room and POOF-- get an airy and natural room... keep reading!

In order to break up the natural elements, we punch it with some black. Yes black. Most of my clients who tell me they want "light and airy" are afraid of black. It's like something they were born with. Spiders, heights and the colour black.

However, the juxtaposition between the black and the natural make the natural pop and the eye will focus on it. Without black... it will fall flat. Trust Me On This! It is all about drawing the eye and one way to highlight your theme is by introducing something opposite to it.

So the black side board and black chairs will balance out the space and the dark clock will complete the trifecta of dark to make the room feel like, airy, and natural.

And now what you're all waiting for.... WHAT DID THIS COST? Less than $1500!

Jute Rug: $119

Industriell Pendants: $39.99 each

Martin Chairs: $ 24.99 each

MÖCKELBY Table: $699

Ritva Curtains: $49.99

Norden Side Board: $199

SKÄRIG Clock: $15.99

Small Plants: $1.99 each

Plant: $36.99

Tray: $34.99

Industriell Vase: $19.99

Pitcher: $7.99

Leave a comment below... are you trying anything with IKEA lately?



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