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Decorating 101: Shelving

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

How many times have you strolled the aisles at Homesense or scrolled for hours online to find the perfect treasures to put on your shelves? And how many purchases have you regretted as they never look quite right?

We won't lie... the art and science of styling is not easy, which is why all of our clients opt to have us do it for them at the end of a huge renovation.... BUT there are a few techniques we use to help you get started!

Firstly, check out our video on what we call... "The Triangle" method of decorating a shelf. This is one way of doing it... but like any "rule" in the art world.... we also break it all the time. The challenge is knowing when to break it ;).

Here are some other examples of finished products to inspire you!

Tag us in a shelf you're tackling on Instagram (@acinteriorsdesign) or comment below and we will give you a tip or two!



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