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Craving some organization at home? Read on....

As home owners (AND MOMS!!!) we understand how hard it is to keep one of the most daunting rooms clean, organized and clutter free… Can you guess what room?

We find it's the kitchen. Although the mudroom is a scary one too..... but we'll get there.

For most people they steer away from their kitchens for a few key reasons:

  1. So many drawers have become "catch-all" junk drawers that it's impossible to find anything.... so uber eats gets the win.

  2. Your counter space/island spends more time covered in mail, kids artwork, amazon boxes to return.....

  3. Everyone seems to live in the kitchen, so kids coats are on the bar stools, lego is on the floor and the kitchen is NOT an ideal place to actually cook.

So we decided to take the time and write down a handful of organizing tips that saved our lives (and our kitchens) day in and day out, especially when it comes to our kids!

Organizing Your Kids = An Organized Kitchen


With our little ones we found a very simple but very effective system to get them to hang their coats up, effectively saving our island from becoming their closet.

By creating a point system where each kid gets a check if they hang their coat up directly off the bus we’ve created a value system to help teach them a great habit. But like anyone with a kid knows all too well, just because it runs smooth for a week eventually one of the little ones is going to fall off.

To fix this we turned it into a team based activity, now each kid must get all their checks to pass! With a good reward in place ( we like ice cream ) then you’ll see first hand how easy it can be to get your space back.

Quick Tips To Organize A Kitchen


A lot of these may seem over the top but trust us when we say THEY WILL SAVE YOU


Do you use it everyday? If you do, it should be within arms reach or take the best spots in your kitchen. For things you DO NOT use daily, move them to spots that are not as convenient because they are taking up good real estate! If your kitchen is really small, you may consider moving 2-4x a year items to the basement or another room that has space.


If you like to bake, then why have your flour on one side of the kitchen and your nuts on the other? Keep them all in the same area as your mixer, bowls, measuring tools, etc. This can be as simple as a drawer or as elaborate as a separate station, depending on the size of your kitchen.

Snaking Zone: Keep your kids' snacks separate and organized! Have some for going out to save you money on eating out and your kids can also help pack their own lunches. All these are organized to make it easy for your little ones to understand and follow the new pantry rule.


Color code your lunch containers! This makes it easy to know who's getting what, and also to help resolve any jealousy fights over which kid likes which color. ( trust us this will help keep you sane )


Find a place for your plastic bags before they take over your drawers! Take a quick look on amazon for some nifty holders that double as dispensers.


There are areas where you have a different need than the typical kitchen owner and you may need to invest in a custom solution. Everyone has their own needs and setbacks that if addressed could save them a lot of time and countless headaches, so sit back, pour some wine and have fun re-planning your space this weekend. Check out our instagram for some more in depth tips and tricks, linked below.


When designing and building a kitchen our first step is always to ensure the space functions for the clients needs. Are you a HUGE coffee drinker? We are going to prioritize space for this? Do you love to bake? Then maybe we will add a second baking island or a pantry with a wall oven in it!

If you could use a new kitchen design, let's get planning. Just click the button below!

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