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Christmas Wreath Series #2

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Cedar. We all love the smell, don’t we? As soon as my local Loblaws has their REAL greenery out, I just can’t help but want to be in full blown Christmas Season. It also smells way better than the olive bar (my opinion).... Actually, true story... I have been seen walking by that dreaded olive bar and plugging my nose. I know, it is juvenile ...but necessary (once again- my opinion 😉).

Ok- so back to wreaths! Here is how we took something so lovely and natural and made it festive.

Christmas Wreath Series: #2 - AC Interiors Design

What you will need for this:

✔️Metal Ring (buy here). 24” is the large, 12” the small

✔️Floral wire

✔️Cedar (probably about 20-30 branches)

Watch the Tutorial

We would LOVE to see your photo of your wreath!

Tag us @acinteriorsdesign!

Christmas Wreath Series: #2 - AC Interiors Design

Happy Decorating!



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