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Can I decorate for Halloween AND THANKSGIVING?

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Why not? There are some easy ways to decorate ONCE and just sub a few things out.

Seeing as as I am incapable of filling my house with orange—- here is a cute table scape that still has a Halloween theme but can work for everyday and Thanksgiving as well!

Watch the full tutorial here.

Elements of the Look:

1. Gather some real or fake flowers. Hydrangeas work well and you can get good quality fake ones ar Homesense, Michaels or PierOne imports.

decorate for Halloween AND THANKSGIVING

2. Next gather a few vases. I got these cute ones from my local grocery store but glass or white ones would work well. Try to vary the colour if you can. These white AND black vases add a punch of colour and interest to an otherwise very neutral table scape.

decorate for Halloween AND THANKSGIVING

3. Lastly, add the “cultural element” and candles.

For Halloween these cute white pumpkins work. You could also swap these out for pinecones or green pine boughs in the winter time!


decorate for Halloween AND THANKSGIVING

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