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Aidan Cusson


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I grew up in Toronto with a mom who graduated from FIT in fashion design. Her keen eye for esthetics paved the way for me to develop my own sense of artistic expression. It was not uncommon for me to wrestle daily with the reality that my childhood bedroom furniture was too big for the space.  It drove me crazy and I longed for a sense of harmony, which we designers call "balance".  This was the start of my life-long desire to create well designed, beautiful spaces; many years (and renovations) later, AC Interiors Design was born.

            I firmly believe every home can be beautiful and functional with a little bit of TLC, creativity, and ingenuity. My husband and I have four children in a downtown semi; we are not strangers to the space constraints facing most clients in Toronto. My passion is to help others acquire a sense of peace and shalom through balance, colour, texture and style. I am inspired by Gods creation of the world. The divine balance of nature and its elements is an illustration of perfect artistry, so I take my cues from Him.


         Whatever your preferred style, allow us to help you connect the dots and make it beautiful.

I moved to Toronto right after finishing school.  With a degree in commerce from Queen's University, I dove head first into several roles within marketing and brand management. Cover Girl, Pantene, McDonalds, Target, Uncle Ben's... these were all amazing businesses to grow. And, while I learned the ins and outs of marketing and running multi-billion dollar businesses, I kept wanting to create something new... something my own. The only issue was.... I was only good at marketing and operations! .And you need a product or service to market and operate! Enter AC INTERIORS.

           I am not sure if it was the explosion of HGTV or renovating several of my own homes from top to bottom but I fell in love with design and can't believe my job is to help others renovate with ease.

            I firmly believe in transparent budget and project management. We don't like surprises and it is my job to ensure we come in on time and on budget. Working behind the scenes, I am always trying to source the best suppliers, trades, and materials for our clients.

         Whatever your project size, we treat you with the same white glove service that has earned us Best Client Service with Houzz  every year.

I can't wait to work with you. 

<>< Aidan